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Short Starbound Tutorial - 05.08.2016

Screenshot for the Starbound Tutorial

I know some of you guys are waiting for news on my own game Aranthrea, but that may still take a while, especially when I'm just playing other games instead of working on Aranthrea. :D

But hey, see it from the positive side, Starbound is a nice game and I am a modder, and I hate to be stressed with eating every 10 seconds when I'm just trying to build a nice house or set up a new colony... so here is a short tutorial on how to slow down your hunger and prepare food for eternity.

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Raventeam.de - New design as snapshot

News from 04.04.2016

New Design
The new design is finally finished and again in my very old black-golden Raventeam style. That red lava design was not only horrible, I also just didn't like it anymore. Also nowadays the most browsers are compatible to the (not so very new) HTML5 and they even support the flexbox design with CSS3 now.
For Smartphone or Tablet-User this website now has Media Queries to be more accessible. If you want to know more about the new design, just click on the link under this article.

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Made by Raventeam

Placeholder for announcement of Aranthrea

Aranthrea, what is it and when will it arrive? Well, I can tell you so much: It will still take a very long time because the Raventeam is just me (and my cat), that means that very big projects of course will take pretty long. So just keep being curious and have a look at this page from time to time, maybe in 2-3 months something will appear here and surprise you. ;)

Witcher Mod

Evil Decision

  • Made by Raventeam
  • 3. place in modding-contest
  • 4-5 hours playtime
  • Tons of quests
  • A really evil decision
  • 5 different endings
  • Playable in english and german
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Games Screenshots

  • Witchmasterly brawls with monsters

    The Witcher - Evil Decision
  • Fascinating journeys to the end of the World

    Wurm Online & Unlimited
  • Fantasy Wars, King's Bounty

    and more...
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